Wednesday, 15 April 2015

What makes you the number one recruiter to work for?

By Amanda Davies, managing director, ISV software

We all talk about how fantastic our companies are and what great service we provide our clients, but is that just lip service? Can we really be specific about what makes our company so different and, while we’re broadcasting out to clients, should we be steering these messages to the potential talent joining our recruitment business?

What makes you the Number 1 Recruiter to Work For?

Recruitment International’s popular event is fast approaching and, as a supplier to the recruitment industry, ISV are supporting this year. I’m looking forward to tuning into the theme and taking time out to focus on the business and my team’s development, both existing talent and future colleagues.
You probably know some of the easy factors that will lure future consultants and support staff in and keep them there. How easy is it to implement these factors and see them through though?
Here are some of my top tips on ‘How To Be The Number 1 Recruiter To Work For’:

·         Be Unique
You’ll (hopefully!) have picked out your USPs for your client base, the same goes for attracting talent. What is it about your business that’s different? If in doubt ask your team what they enjoy and what is special about working for you.

·         Be A Lighthouse
One of the golden nuggets of advice we give candidates is to not bad mouth their previous employers, the same goes for your competitors. There’s something bitter and a bit icky about dumbing down companies operating in the same space as you, don’t be that person. Instead set the standard yourself, aim to be the best not just better than the rest. Your business should be a beacon, easy to find and shining out as an example of a great place to work.

·         Be Generous
Get the hygiene factors right, those must-haves that people expect or hope for in their career like appropriate remuneration, holidays, flexible working etc. If you are not in a position to offer some of the added extras like healthcare – what can you do in its place that makes you an appealing employer? At ISV, we introduced free fruit in the office and beer or wine on a Friday afternoon if people choose. It’s surprising how quickly the novelty of ‘booze Friday’ wore off and how many staff opt for the fruit, making it a low cost option.

·         Be Innovative and Tech Savvy
We all know the saying that a bad workman blames his tools but using budget or clunky technology creates rocks in the road for everyone involved. You need software and a skills testing platform that enables your consultants to source and share the best candidates. Better still, go to the next step and talk about how your systems integrate, how you’ve developed software or worked with your suppliers to make it cutting edge and truly, make placing candidates easier.

·         Be Nuturing
We all want to matter. This was such a simple, resonant statement that I read somewhere (I suspect from Jeff Haden). It’s a nugget of wisdom I aim to lead by. Everyone in the team matters, regardless of age, tenure or job role. Their happiness and career development is so worth nurturing and investing in. If you take on an apprentice, like ISV have several times, and they flourish then take their development to the next step. Or step up the sales team training to cover more advanced and nifty topics like sales psychology or NLP. You’ll see the results.

This is by no means a definitive list on how to be the Number 1 business or recruiter to work for. They are aspects that I feel passionate about; some, I am proud to have a culture that supports whereas others are more aspirational and I know we, as a business, have some more work to do.

Over to you. What would you add or hope to hear more about from the guest speakers at Recruitment International’s event on the 15th May? Please feel free to comment or share. 

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