Friday, 1 March 2013

I don’t need a Social ATS! by Teri Etherington

I don’t need a Social ATS!
We all know that all organisations work differently, all recruiters work differently. Some successful and some not so successful. It could be a huge amount of factors which make your role difficult. It could be your management team that don’t understand your role and support you, the demands they make of you could be just too much, you could be in the wrong environment, wrong team, not feeling engaged or motivated!

Whatever the reason don’t let it be that you only feel as though you have no time and too many demands because the technology you are using a) makes your work more time consuming than it needs to b) doesn’t help you attract and retain the right talent c) Doesn’t provide enough manageable reporting etc…..the list goes on.

You may or may not have looked into or thought about a Social ATS but here is a link to a very easy to digest white paper on why you need to.

Hope you find it useful.
by Teri Etherington

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