Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Is anyone on Google+ ? - Latest blog by Teri Etherington

In July last year (around the same time I starting diving into Social Media) Google+ was launched, after the initial desperation to get an invitation and the excitement of getting one I have to say I was left feeling more than a little disappointed……

Adding anyone to my circles who added me just to try and ‘build up some numbers’ and interacting over things which I would never normally be even the remotest bit interested just to try it out I put it further and further to the back on my mind. I would post every other week, check it a couple of times a week and leave it to tick away.

Google+ contained a few contacts which I would regularly interact with but really I would chat to them on Twitter, I would only use Google+ to promote what I was doing. Over the last few weeks more and more of my friends and work contacts have added me to their ‘circles’ and in turn I have added back.

I really like the idea of Google+ and I hope that over time it is used more and more. Although I won’t be rushing to post on there everyday I think I may step it up to once a week or even a couple of times.

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