Thursday, 18 September 2014

Technology Which Aids Recruiters

by Emma Allison, marketing manager, Flo Software Solutions

Developments in technology have opened up a number of possibilities which help recruiters to perform an efficient and effective candidate search. Using technology in the recruitment process ensures tasks such as contacting potential candidates, adding real-time updates to records and conducting first interviews are streamlined and secure. With so much new technology available, what options should recruiters utilise to help them on a daily basis?

Compliance Management

As the world of recruitment involves frequent legislation updates, the job of a recruiter is highly regulated and compliance management is key. The development of cloud based technology has provided the opportunity for recruiters to store work documentation for each candidate onto a system which can be accessed by both agencies and clients. This ensures that candidates are only given work placements when their documents are valid and clients can refer to this for peace of mind.
The expiry date of a right to work document can also be added to recruitment software, which then alerts recruiters when candidates need to update their information. This creates a fully compliant candidate database which allows only those with the correct documentation to be chosen for a particular vacancy.

Social Media

Social Media provides a cost effective recruitment tool as it is free to use and provides access to both active and passive jobseekers. Two thirds of the UK’s adults use at least one social networking site; this gives recruiters the chance to promote their job opportunities to a much wider audience than if they were only using conventional recruitment processes.
Recruiters can also use social media to screen potential applicants and select those with the qualities and interests which best fit the job requirements and hiring company. There are tools available which will allow recruiters to target the ideal demographic for a particular vacancy; this saves time when selecting which candidates to invite to an interviewing process.

Mobile Technology

Mobile technology has made it easier for recruiters to contact potential candidates as it has opened up a number of new ways to connect. With candidates having access to their emails and text messages throughout the day, they have the opportunity to respond to recruiters promptly and discreetly, even when they are at work.

For recruiters mobile technology now means the ability to depend on their smartphones to provide any information that they need while out of the office. Cloud based technology allows all candidate, and client details to be saved securely online where recruiters can access them at all times via their smartphone or tablet. This means that recruiters can be fully prepared when a candidate or client calls outside of office hours, it also allows them to instantly add further information to their notes once the call is complete.

The Future of Recruitment Technology

With new technology being released frequently, it is important that recruiters are aware of how the job search is evolving, in order to offer potential candidates an application process which keeps them engaged. The use of mobile technology to search for jobs will only increase over time and it is important for recruitment websites to be optimised for this purpose, this can be supplemented through allowing candidates to upload their CV via their mobile and apply for jobs in this way.

Jobseekers may also start to look for different and advanced ways in which jobs are being advertised to them. With the highly anticipated launch of Google Glass, recruitment agencies could record ‘A Day in the Life of...’ videos through the eyes of a current employee wearing the glasses, to give a better insight into what particular vacancy involves. Other creative ways of advertising job vacancies could incorporates a game which tests candidate’s suitability for a particular role which again would attract interest from the most suitable candidates.
Emma Allison is the marketing Manager for Flo who provide cloud based recruitment software, designed and built specifically for the temporary recruitment industry.

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