Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Help me grow my business? By Teri Etherington

Help me grow my business? By Teri Etherington

There are lot recruitment business owners from small start-ups to some of the ‘big boys’ of the industry that are still looking to push their businesses forward to the next level. When you have had the experiences of our previous speaker (David Spencer-Percival – Spencer Ogden – co-founder of Huntress) it is easier to learn from your mistakes and know what you need and where to go next. You know organisations within the industry which can assist in streamlining various parts of your business, making it go like clockwork….until the next challenge that is. But for those who are in a start up position, it could be your first business or maybe have a successful business which they have held for a few years it can be difficult to know where to turn to gain valuable advice.

This is why we run these ‘how to’ events. It is a great chance to learn about everything from knowing when and how to start growing (be that in number of staff, opening in a new sector or simply increasing profits) through to the practical things like gaining funding, legal advice and hearing from speakers who have grown recruitment businesses previously. On top of this it really is a great chance to meet up with other individuals who are in a similar boat. This event in focused on Recruitment agency Owner, Managers and Directors sp the challenges you face are likely to be similar, the feedback from previous events has been excellent so book your place now.

This is free for Recruitment agency Owner/Managers to attend. For a line-up of speakers please visit http://www.recruitment-international.co.uk/news/sme---how-to-build-an-exceptional-recruitment-business-13775.htm

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